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PDF is a Green Technology for your Office

Jul 28, 2009 I Green Software.

Most offices around the world are buried in paper. Endless filing cabinets containing hundreds or thousands of pounds of paper documents crowd the walls and halls of offices. Even more paper documents are printed and copied to be mailed to other businesses or individuals and added to their endless collection.

Imagine if all of those heavy and bulky paper documents could be recycled without losing the important information contained in them. Now imagine rarely using paper again. The multitude of trees that would be saved by such a transition could be earth-changing.

PDF is an electronic file format that makes paper far less necessary than ever before. For example, millions of text documents can be saved on CD-R’s or CD-RW’s that would fit on a wall shelf. The PDF format is provided by Adobe under several program types depending on the individual user requirements ( Here are some of the ways Adobe PDF saves paper, valuable time and money:

  • Historic or file documents can be scanned into PDF files and saved electronically in full color. Electronic files don’t deteriorate like paper documents. If necessary, a PDF document can be printed a later date. Filing cabinets can be emptied to create free space and paper documents can be recycled.
  • Any new document can be converted to a PDF file and instantly sent via email to anyone in the world.
    • To prevent a Word or Excel file from being modified by someone else, save it as a PDF before sending.
    • To save on postage, scan signed contracts into PDF files then return the signed copies by e-mail and save the electronic file for your use.
  • It is not necessary to print a new document before scanning to a PDF file. There is an option to print to PDF which simply means to convert the original document to the PDF format for saving.

Breaking the cycle of dependence on paper is not easy for many people. There is a certain fear of losing an important document. Of course, any number of things can happen to destroy paper documents. Entire warehouses have been converted to store paper documents for numerous companies and individuals. Even in those cases, paper documents can be damaged or destroyed, not to mention the ongoing expense of storage.

Electronic document storage is far safer and more reliable than old-fashioned paper documents. Several copies of electronic files can be inexpensively made and stored indefinitely. The green benefits are good for the planet and your financial bottom line.

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