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Feb 19, 2009 I Cool websites.

Since LocalCooling was launched in November 2006, the project has managed to raise levels of understanding about how PCs can contribute towards the fight against global warming and climate change. For some time there has been an increasing level of awareness, among the global PC-using community, that by optimizing computer power settings a huge amount of energy can be saved. As a user of LocalCooling, you contributed to this in a big way, by discussing the issues of global climate change on the forum.

The LocalCooling movement needs to move forward and look to the future. Integral power management settings, which are set by default in all Operating System nowadays, have been improved drastically. Also, other developers have released tools similar to the LocalCooling application. Therefore we have discontinued downloads of the application from this website.

However the LocalCooling movement will NOT end here. On the contrary, the new approach is to raise awareness through this much enhanced site and we encourage the community to continue to be involved by commenting and discussing the issues that are presented on the LocalCooling blog.

Many of you surely know that during last year we set up a 1-question survey for you to give us your feedback as to what should morph into. The options available in the survey were:

  • Social Network
  • Blog
  • News Portal
  • Discussion Forum
  • Other (Please Specify)

The results of the survey response were 16.4% voted for Social Network, 22.1% voted for it to become a Blog, 33.1% voted for News Portal, 19.0% for Discussion Forum and only 9.4% specified something different.

Since the favourite 3 responses were for LC to become either a Blog or a News Portal or a Discussion Forum, we are going to try to satisfy everyone by mixing in, a bit of everything into the LC shake. The majority of voters, chose for LocalCooling to become a News Portal, so we will implement the website in the form of a blog, whilst using it to give you the latest about technology and the environment, and also having a discussion here and there in the posts themselves. This will surely please almost anyone who voted, since we took all major 3 results from the survey and mixed them into one. From here on we’ll see how this combo will turn out to be.

We hope that you’ll tune in for the ride. Thanks for your ongoing cooperation.
The LocalCooling Blog.

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  1. Levieth Says:

    Great job on, it’s one of my favorite green blogs at the moment!

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