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Don’t bin your PC - speed it up!

No response, Nov 15, 2013

Saving the planet and protecting the environment also means reducing the amount of waste we produce and not piling up a junk heap of used computers unnecessarily.

Those guys at Uniblue have come up with a solution that improves your computer’s stability and performance, so you don’t have to get rid of it just because it has got slower than before.

So, if you are considering getting rid of your PC, why not give it a try and download Registry Cleaner Kit and revert it to its old self without polluting the environment with another dumped computer.

Completely recyclable green shoes to reduce footprint

No response, Oct 07, 2013

A product design team in North Carolina have set the bar for environmental sustainability by creating shoes using sustainable materials and good-for-the-earth manufacturing processes. Their made-on-demand shoes are completely recyclable, easy to repair and reduce the user’s footprint - literally.

The brand LYF is the abbreviation of love your footprint or love your fashion. On their Kickstarter page they are showcasing many of the available prints of LYF shoes, created by their favorite artists, however customers can design their own.

The shoes are built to work with an Arduino kit in their heels, to make them appeal to hackers. Arduino is an open-source electronic prototyping platform intended for artists and designers to create interactive objects. It is a board built-in the heel which you can hack into and program your own shoe any way you like.

New green technology for disposable coffee cups

No response, Jul 24, 2013

It is incredible how even something as trivial as a disposable coffee cup can cause problems for the environment. The material of coffee cups contains 5% plastic, making them unsuitable for recycling. UK-founded paper group James Cropper has found a way to get around this issue, with their latest technology being capable of filtering the plastic material of the cup from its paper content.  This process involves softening the cup waste in a warmed solution, which removes and recycles the plastic and leaves water and pulp. Once the pulp is filtered from impurities, it can be recycled and used to make high-quality paper goods and packaging.

It’s great to see how different companies are working hard to address environmental issues like these. Now the only guilt you have to endure after your daily Starbucks latte is the calorie count!

Overheating laptop? Keep it cool with HP CoolSense

1 response, Jul 24, 2013

If you have recently purchased an HP laptop computer from the Pavilion or Envy series, you may have noticed a snowflake icon in the notification area, and a process CoolSense.exe running on your Windows system. But what is CoolSense and what does it exactly do?

CoolSense Technology is a dynamic temperature management feature, combining hardware, software and mechanical design helping to keep you comfortable while using your laptop. Its development started in 2010, when HP engineers wanted to address consumer complaints on overheating notebooks, especially when used in their lap. Read more …

Greenest Cities to Visit in December

No response, Dec 03, 2009

The greenest cities in the world are those that actually implement as many environmentally responsible measures as possible. The face of the world’s cities is rapidly changing and it would be nearly impossible to accurately rank the greenest cities, since there are currently so many standards to measure by. Here is what some believe are the Top 5 Greenest Cities in the world to visit:

Read more …

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